Untamed Photography Tours strives to promote wildlife conservation through photography and videography in some of the most vital ecosystems on planet Earth. Offering wildlife photography tours, and safaris our award-winning photographers aim to teach professional photography techniques along with biological information of the ecosystem in which you are immersed in. Our goal is to protect some of the rarest, most unique species on the planet by sharing our imagery to the rest of the world. Find more information about each of our incredible wildlife destinations below.


Our East African destinations bring you into the unseen world of this wildlife enrich continent. From the great Migration of Tanzania and Kenya to the rare Mountain Gorillas of Uganda, our bespoke photo safaris in East Africa will offer you the chance to photograph wildlife like no other. Our carefully selected lodges used at each destination are located in remarkable areas that are best known for great wildlife viewing. Our team has made sure that your experience with us more than exceeds your greatest expectations.




Our unique and most favoured photo safaris located in Southern Africa, bring an exceptional variety of wildlife to the lens. Our carefully selected lodges are located in prime wildlife hotspots giving you a true wild photographic African experience. From some of the driest places on the planet to one of the wettest locations in the world, Namibia and Botswana offer rich and unique destinations for wildlife photography. Here our wildlife photographers and local guides will guide you through this mesmerising land of wilderness with our specialised wildlife photography vehicles.


If you are interested in a unique big cat wildlife photography experience, we offer two remarkable photo tours that focus on Bengal Tigers and Sri Lankan Leopards. With each of our big cat tours in Asia, we have collaborated fine dining and photographic adventure into a memorable experience. Located in protected national parks, each tour holds strong populations of big cats making these photo safaris exceptional to each wildlife photography enthusiast. Both of our unique destinations in Asia are ideal for bird photographers along with general wildlife photography enthusiasts.




Our photography tours here in South America take place in the depths of the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest of Tambopata, where wildlife thrives. With our carefully, hand picked rainforest lodges placed with beautiful scenic forest views, your wildlife photography guide will embark you on a memorable wildlife photo journey of a lifetime. Here in Tambopata, you will be guided into some of the most isolated and untouched parts of the jungle where wildlife will begin to tease your photographic skills. Our award winning wildlife photographer Mark A Fernley will guide you through the forest and help you capture those remarkable rainforest wildlife photographs of a lifetime.