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  • Opportunities to photograph some of the world's most stunning predators of the Amazon Rainforest such as the Jaguar, Ocelot, Giant River Otter, and the lucid Puma.

  • Close and personal sightings of the Red Howler Monkey, Squirrel Monkey, Brown Capuchin, and Saddle Backed Tamarin.

  • The use of the canopy tower for canopy photography and the clay-lick hide for Macaw and Parakeet closeups.

  • Get close to Tambopata’s insects in their thousands and the impressive one thousand and twenty species of butterfly in their vast variety of colour and design.

  • Great and regular sightings of a variety of coloured snakes and frogs that provide great photographic opportunities.

  • Possible sightings of Giant Ant Eater, Tamandua, Tayra and other interesting mammals that fill this vast rainforest of Tambopata with life.


LOCATION:    Tambopata, Peru

GROUP SIZE:    1 - 6 people

DURATION:    min. 4 days

FITNESS LEVEL:                        


PRICE:  from £ 438 GBP per day


Apr - Aug


Apr - May


With this Tailor-made Private Tour, Untamed Photography takes you into the heart of the Tambopata Rainforest but you are in control! This tour is designed to fit your every need and is specific to your family/group. You will be guided by one of our expert wildlife photographers through the lowlands of the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest where you will have the opportunity to photograph wildlife from Red Howler Monkeys, Lowland Tapirs all the way to the majestic Jaguar that lurks the forest floor.

Untamed Photography will provide you with all information and suggestions to work with you to customise your perfect experience of the Amazon Rainforest. You will receive photographic advice and tutoring form the best photographers in the region! 




Your photography guide, Mark, has spent most of his time living in the Amazon Rainforest photographing everything and anything that walks, slithers and climes. His knowledge and ability to creatively photograph the fauna and flora of the Rainforest is endless. During this photo tour/Workshop, Mark will share his wildlife photography secrets with you to enhance that once in a lifetime portfolio.

View Mark's portfolio here

Mark Fernley
Blue and Yellow Macaw (Ara ararauna)


Airport pick-up/drop off

All accommodation

All transportation

All meals

Purified drinking water, coffee, tea, juice

Running water

Electricity: 2 hours in the afternoon & 5:00pm-9:30pm

All activities

All national park entry fees

Tripod upon request

All photographic guidance


International/domestic flights

soda at the lodge

alcoholic beverages at the lodge

Gratuities for guides / staff



100-400mm lens


80-600mm Sigma lens


16-35mm wide angle lens


100mm macro lens


1-2 camera bodies




Back up Storage

Multiple CF Cards/SD Cards


Drybag & Silica Gel

Powerful Headlight 

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This tailor-made wildlife photography tour is located in the Lowland Peruvian Amazon Rainforest situated in the Madre de Dios Region. This rainforest is located next to a small town called Puerto Maldonado. The rainforest is situated near the National Park of Tambopata located near the Tambopata River. The rainforest in Tambopata provides an array of unique wildlife that come in many shapes and sizes. From the Howler Monkeys of the treetops, down to the majestic Jaguars of the forest floor, this forest brings a unique variety of wildlife for this photography tour.    



We will be staying at a quaint eco-lodge in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. The lodge is surrounded by fruit trees and native flowers, which are perfect for attracting a great amount of colourful butterflies and birds, meaning there is plenty of wildlife to admire from your front porch. This luxurious rainforest lodge will provide a beautiful display of traditional Peruvian cuisine each day. The bedrooms are thatched bungalows on raised wooden platforms, each with a private ensuite and a relaxing front porch to enjoy the environment from your front door. This is a great, comfortable base in a truly stunning setting!


Perfect rainforest subjects ideal for flash photography

Tamandua (Tamandua tetradactyla)

This primary rainforest provides a unique range of wildlife that can really stretch a variety of wildlife photographs for your portfolio. From the macro photography world of insects, amphibians and reptiles to the active monkeys and Giant River Otters of this vast forest, this will allow you to change lenses and learn new techniques of rainforest photography.  

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Professional rainforest and photography guides

Giant Waxy Monkey Tree Frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor)



Each day will start bright and early with a hearty breakfast. Each morning will provide an exciting morning walk that will take you through the primary rainforest of Tambopata to help you get those memorable images. Depending on your fitness, you can decide how long each rainforest walk will be, before returning to the lodge for lunch. After, we will trek to photograph the wonders of the rainforest, where variety of wildlife will await ranging from colourful treefrogs to active monkeys, swinging from branch to branch. A traditional three-course Peruvian dinner will be provided each night, followed by an optional night walk to experience the nocturnal wildlife of this biodiverse ecosystem.

Each day can be adjusted by adding the following. 



Explore the largest trail system in the Tambopata Region by foot

This is great if you love the adventure aspect of the Amazon Rainforest. The opportunity to spot wildlife on these trails is endless due to the protection of the only National Park in this region. Our guiding photographers are here to search for the most rare and hidden species to give you a truly special experience on every trek.


Visit an oxbow lake

There are two oxbow lakes that you will have the opportunity to visit. An approx. 30 minute boat journey to either lake is perfect opportunity to spot river birds, basking Caiman, Capybara, sun bathing Turtles, and more! Both of these lakes are home to the beautiful, but endangered Giant River Otters and the largest Crocodilian species in the Amazon; the endangered Black Caiman. Along with these incredible species, you will come across hundreds of river bird species. 


Visit a Local Macaw Claylick

Our photographers will lead you to a small Macaw Claylick that is walking distance from the lodge. In the national park, you will have the opportunity to photograph Red and Green Macaws, Scarlet Macaws, and species of Parakeets.


Visit Chuncho Claylick

This all day excursion is an experience that is people come from around the world to take part in. The Chuncho Claylick is something like no other in the world and a truly amazing site for nature lovers. With over 20 species of tropical birds visiting this claylick, it is most well-known for the loudest and most memorable Macaws that visit daily. 


Night Walks Through the Forest

Night walks give you the perfect opportunity to see the nocturnal wildlife of the rainforest. If you are interested in the hidden world of the rainforest, then night walks are the perfect activity for you. Photographic opportunity is endless with the amount of Frogs, Snakes, Insects, and more. 

Canopy Watch Tower

Located in the national park, this canopy tower was built by Oxford University to study the weather patterns of the Amazon Rainforest. This unique canopy tower gives us a spectacular view of the Amazon Rainforest from above. This is perfect for getting a feel of how secluded we are and how full the forest is. A visit to the canopy tower during sunrise or sunset will allow you to get beautiful landscape photographs of the rainforest.


Night Time Caiman Search

Take a night off of photography and enjoy an educational night time river experience. We will search the river banks for the four species of caiman that inhabit the Tambopata River. Here you will have the opportunity to get up close and learn biological information on the physical structure of these animals. 


After an early breakfast, you will be taken on a three-hour boat journey down river, back towards Puerto Maldonado. There’s great chances of spotting wildlife and enjoying some last wildlife photography. Lunch will be provided by us at our favorite location in town. Airport/hotel transportation will be provided




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