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5+ people


Bandhavgarh, India


 min. 5  days / max. 10 days

Our Sri Lanka Private Group Leopard Photo Tours are great if you are looking for a Sri Lankan Leopard photo safari. Your group tour will be located in two wildlife hotspots: Yala National Park and Wilpattu National Park. These national parks thrive with a wide range of wildlife such as the Leopard, Elephant, Sloth Bear, Crocodile, many bird species of birds and much more. By choosing this bespoke group photo tour here in Yala and Wilpattu, you will be able to speak directly with our experts to create a Leopard or general wildlife tour that is tailored to your groups interest.


  • Opportunities to get up close to the wild and rare Bengal Tiger and the Indian Leopard commonly found in the rocky areas of Bandhavgarh

  • Other species of antelope can be seen such as the Sambar Deer, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Chevrotain Deer and the famous Nilgai known to be the largest antelope in Asia

  • Monkeys create some stunning and subtle images that can be seen during this tour including the fearless Northern Plains Langur, Rhesus Macaque

  • Other great sightings keen to be photographed include the famous Sloth Bear, the Indian Wild Dog, Grey Mongoose, and the acrobatic Flying Squirrel

  • There are over 250 species of birds that can be photographed including Rollers, Hornbills, Parakeets and who can forget the Red Junglefowl, the ancestor of the domestic chicken

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This Leopard photo tour is located in two prime destinations in Sri Lanka, Yala National Park and Wilpattu National Park. These two prime wildlife destinations thrive with many species such as the Sloth Bear, Sri Lankan Elephant, and the magnificent Sri Lankan Leopard. Yala is located Southeast of Sri Lanka while Wilpattu National Park is situated in the North West of the island allowing you to photograph and experience everything this country has to offer.


When to visit Bandhavgarh National Park


Best Time to Visit

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Sri Lanka has some remarkable weather for such a small island that varies massively. The best times to visit Yala National Park and Wilpattu National Park are during the months of March and September where the sky is at its clearest, with very little rain. This time of year is great for all wildlife photography and give plenty of light for action shots.

Great time of year to photograph wild Leopard, good lighting to bring out the colours

This time of year provides dryer weather and is not as humid as the other parts of the Island where the rain will occur

The water tables get low during this time and animals come out to exposed lakes to drink bringing you great photographic opportunities

March in Yala and Wilpattu holds still colour in its leaves for making your Leopard photography stand out form other leopard photographs

Booking a Private Group Photo Tour

If you are not sure if booking a Private Group Photo Tour is right for you, here are some things to consider that should help you decide.

Are you planning a photography club, photo holiday, then you are in the right place. We work directly with photography clubs/groups from around the world to help them create a photographic tour based on your groups needs. In order to give your group the best photographic opportunities, we recommend a minimum of 5 days of safari. Your group does not have to be an official photography club to book a private group tour with us.

Our professional photography guides are here to create the ideal itinerary for your group. We are happy to offer photographic guidance, workshops, and post processing tutorials to your group as part of your safari. We can schedule these in around your safaris without taking away from any wildlife photography opportunities.

If you are not sure if a Private Group Photo Tour is right for you, feel free to EMAIL US to discuss your options. 

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Yala National Park


Contact us today to start planning your Private Group Photography Tour. Our experts guarantee a quick response within 24 hours. Fill out the form here to start creating your Bespoke Group Photo Holiday today!

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Why book your next photo holiday with us?

Personal interactions with the tour leaders, from start to finish

We are flexible with your groups photographic needs, making sure you get the best out of your photographic holiday

Our expert photographers and tour leaders have worked in this area for years, guarenteeing the best guidance you could ask for

Untamed Photography Tours works with one of the top lodges in this destination, ensuring the safety, comfort, and professionalism our guests deserve

We work closely with professional guides, photographers, and naturalists with years of experience to provide the best possible experience and wildlife photography opportunities for each guest

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Yala National Park is voted the best location to photograph wild leopards. This interesting location provides ample photographic opportunities to get up close to these cats and get the shots you desire.

Outside of the big cats that Yala is famous for, you can get great photographs of the Asian Elephants that wander through this wonderful forest along with the water buffalo that graze in the harsh suns rays making great photographic opportunities.

Birds and more

Bird photography is a big thing in Yala and Wilpattu, from Painted Storks, King fishers to Grey Hornbills, these two locations provide bird enthusiasts with multiple options.

Reptile photography

Diving into the world of Reptiles, the mugger and salt water crocodile can be found here in Yala and Wilpattu. The famous Cobra is found in both national parks making this a reptile paradise along with Pythons, Vipers, Monitor Lizards and more.    



During this photographic Leopard Adventure, you will stay at two luxurious camps that will be situated just outside each National Park. Each Camp is surrounded by the regular visitors of local wildlife and is only one minute away from each park where the Leopards will be awaiting our arrival each day.

Both lodges hold large luxury tents that hold a peaceful environment for each guest to relax after each long day. Both lodges provide comfort in the wild where passing wildlife is free to walk through and around the camps. Each tent provides electricity for charging camera batteries so there is never a photograph opportunity to be missed.

CWS Yala
CWS Yala
Wilpattu Safari Camp