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Our Namibian Private Group Wildlife Photo Tours are an ideal option if your group is looking for something unique. By choosing this bespoke group photo tour option, you will speak directly with our experts to create a tour that is tailored to your groups wildlife photographic needs. Namibia’s wildlife and landscapes are unique hosting an array of photographic opportunities that makes any itinerary stand out and bringing you an experience of a lifetime.


  • Opportunity to visit Etosha National Park where you will find hundreds of animals congregating around waterholes

  • Visit the Himba Tribe that resides in the North-western part of the country, living peacefully alongside Desert Elephants, Lions, Brown Hyena, Desert Rhino, Giraffe, and more.

  • Venture into the Caprivi Strip, where you will find Hippopotamus, Waterbuck, Elephant, and more water-loving animals as we arrive at the beginning of the Okavango Delta

  • Photograph many birds of prey including the Secretary Bird, African Hawk Eagle, Martial Eagle, and Tawny Hawk to name a few

  • Chances to photograph the many species of predators of Namibia including Lion, Spotted Hyena, Leopard, African Wild Cat, Brown Hyena, and an incredibly high population of Cheetah

  • Wildlife aside, Namibia is an astonishing destination for any landscape photography enthusiast. Photographers can embark on a beautiful journey through the Namib Desert to visit Deadsvlei at Sossusvlei, along with some of the largest dunes in the world.









Voted as one of the most unique locations to go on safari in Africa, Namibia located Northwest of South Africa and offers unique landscapes along with wildlife like no other place on Earth. This sandy wilderness is home to one of the most interesting national parks that Africa has to offer named Etosha National Park. This park provides a fascinating white landscape where Ghost Elephants roam the edges of the salt pan, and holds magnificent waterholes that bring large congregations of animals, perfect for wildlife photography. Outside of the national parks, this country holds stunning golden deserts, desert mountains along with its rare desert adapted wildlife. Putting wildlife aside, Namibia is home to the Himba Tribe that brings you a unique, once in a lifetime cultural experience taking you back in time to traditional Africa.

White-fronted Bee-eater

When to visit Namibia


Best Time to Visit

Giraffe at Etosha Pan_edited_edited.jpg


We recommend that you visit Namibia  between the months of July and November. During this time of year you will avoid the rains that  arrive during the period of December-April. During the dry season of July to November, there are the magnificent congregations of wildlife around waterholes that make for fantastic wildlife photography.

Great congregations of Zebra, Elephant, Springbok, Giraffe and more at famous waterholes in Etosha National Park

Perfect weather for wildlife photography. Good light allowing you to lower your ISO and increase you shutter speed for every shot you need


July-August hold some of Etosha’s best game viewing as the land is at its driest making it easy for wildlife photography


These times of the year hold suitable weather for a comfortable stay here in Namibia.

Booking a Private Group Photo Tour

If you are not sure if booking a Private Group Photo Tour is right for you, here are some things to consider that should help you decide.

Are you planning a photography club, photo holiday, then you are in the right place. We work directly with photography clubs/groups from around the world to help them create a photographic tour based on your groups needs. In order to give your group the best photographic opportunities, we recommend a minimum of 5 days of safari. Your group does not have to be an official photography club to book a private group tour with us.

Our professional photography guides are here to create the ideal itinerary for your group. We are happy to offer photographic guidance, workshops, and post processing tutorials to your group as part of your safari. We can schedule these in around your safaris without taking away from any wildlife photography opportunities.

If you are not sure if a Private Group Photo Tour is right for you, feel free to EMAIL US to discuss your options. 

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Himba Tribe, Purros, Damaraland


Contact us today to start planning your Namibia Photography Tour. Our experts guarantee a quick response within 24 hours. Fill out the form here to start creating your Bespoke Photo Holiday today!

Ghost Elephant, Etosha
Burchell's Zebra

Why book your next photo holiday with us?

Personal interactions with the tour leaders, from start to finish

We are flexible with your photographic needs, making sure you get the best out of your photographic holiday

Our expert photographers and tour leaders have worked in this area for years, bringing nothing less than expert advice and guidance for your tour

Untamed Photography Tours works with one of the top lodges in this destination, ensuring the safety, comfort, and professionalism our guests deserve

We work closely with professional guides, photographers, and naturalists with years of experience to provide the best possible experience and wildlife photography opportunities for each guest


There are many options to consider when planning your photography tour in Namibia. We have put together some of the best things to do while on tour in the country. Here are some of the top activities in the area.


This is a unique National Park that must be explored when visiting Namibia. Holding a salt pan that can be seen from space, this area holds a vast amount of wildlife such as Elephants, Lion, Leopard, Zebra, Giraffe, Spotted Hyena, many birds of pray and much more. From the congregating wildlife at waterholes to wild predators, this national park is voted one of the best in Africa.


This location will take you back into the stone age. This unique destination holds a stunning selection of desert landscapes bringing homes to many species of wildlife. Photographic opportunities of Black Rhino, Desert Elephant, Giraffe and Brown Hyena will be found here combined with a unique desert photographic background. Option to visit a remote Himba Tribe village during the trip to Damaraland can be arranged.

The Drinking Giraffe
Untamed Photography Tours


This area of Namibia is home to large herds of Elephants and Hippopotamus. The location just above the Okavango Delta of Botswana and is far greener than the rest of the country. The Cabango River flows freely allowing for great Hippo photography in large numbers along with incredible birdlife.


Located in the Namib Desert, this photogenic destination holds some of the most beautiful landscapes, including Sossusvlei. This salt and clay pan is surrounded by high red dunes that provides home for select wildlife such as Gemsbok, Warthog, Brown Hyena, Ostrich and more. What makes this location worth a visit are the petrified dead trees of Deadvlei that can make remarkable creative photographs.


This unique Northern area of Namibia’s coast is something that must be seen when on safari. Here there is opportunity to photograph Lions and Brown Hyena that have learned to adapt to this desert/beach environment. Also the rare but famous desert adapted Elephants roam the lands here making this a fascinating location. Skeleton Coast is home to large ship wrecks along the coastline, giving this national park its eerie name.


As Botswana is just next door from Namibia, it sometimes makes for a great extension to explore more of Southern Africa’s Wildlife. There are many roots where a we offer a Namibia – Botswana – Namibia round trip where you are able to see a large variety of wildlife.


We have many options when it comes to where you would like to stay during your photo safari. We offer a variety of accommodation plans including camping, 3-4 lodges, and 5 star luxurious lodges. You have the freedom to customise every detail of your tailor-made tour, including how you choose to spend your off time. Whether you are comping under the stars, or enjoying beverages at the poolside, we have exactly what you are looking for. Read below for more details about each accommodation option.



For the more adventurous or budget friendly safari, our camping accommodation option is perfect for you. All camping guests are provided with their own 2 person military grade tent, a stretcher/cot, sleeping bag, pillow, and all camping gear including cooking wear, tables, chairs, and everything else you need to camp under the African night sky.

3-4 STAR

Our 3-4 star lodges are a mid-range safari option for those that would like a bit more than camping, but are still looking for more of a budget friendly option. All hotels are equipped with a full restaurant, bar, and laundry facilities. This is the perfect option for those who are looking for a mid-range accommodation option.

Photo Safaris Chobe


If a 5-star accommodation is what you are after than this is the option for you. We work with some of the most luxurious lodges in the country to provide nothing but the most exquisite accommodation for our guests like to travel in style. All of our 5-star accommodation options are all-inclusive, easing the stress of travel even more. End the day with a 5-star meal, overlooking some of the best views in Africa.