Desert Elephant

W I L D L I F E    P R I N T S    F O R

What is Prints for Africa?

We at Untamed Photography Tours have developed a charitable project that needs your help. We introduce Prints for Africa! This project is designed to sell a variety of donated wildlife photographs from all wildlife photographers. 100% of the profit from all prints will be donated towards helping the protection of Elephants in Africa. Our chosen charity named Elephants for Africa is an NGO that is committed to protecting the endangered African Elephant through research and education.

How You Can Help

Help make a difference and support the survival of the African Elephants. By buying our prints, you will be making a difference  as Elephants are running out of time and space. Poachers killing them for their ivory and expanding human populations means that wild Elephants are increasingly coming into conflict with human settlements and agricultural land.

The Mission

 Elephants for Africa  aims to understand the daily needs of elephants and humans and seek local solutions for local problems. The NGO strives to protect, conserve, and educate to ensure a future for wild populations of African Elephant and move towards humans and wildlife coexisting.

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Prints for conservation 1

By Mark A Fernley

"During a long journey through the harsh and barren lands of Damaraland, located in North Namibia, we were fortunate enough to guide a group through a mountainous area where a lone group of Giraffe were spotted walking through this questionable habitat. 

At one point, the group of Giraffe turned and faced one direction allowing me to obtain a photograph that expressed the harsh and lonely life that this family had to face". - Mark Fernley


Prints donated to NGO: Elephants for Africa

£ 250.00

"From the bushland of Namibia into the harsh lands of Etosha National Park, we found ourselves in the presence of what I call a prehistoric giant. As this Black Rhinoceros  made its way across the open muddy plain, I had to get a close photograph of its face accompanied with contrast that clearly projected a story of struggle.

This lone individual slowly walked off into the heat of the day creating a majestic road of footprints". -

Mark Fernley 

Prints donated to NGO: Elephants for Africa

£ 250.00

Prints for conservation 2

By Mark A Fernley

print 2.jpg

By Mark A Fernley

"After traveling through the lifeless deserts of Damaraland, we finally got to Purros, known as the land of the Desert Elephants.

After a long search, we spotted a rare lone desert Elephant making his way across a dry river. These rare Desert Elephants that are found only in Namibia and Mali. As this majestic dusty giant walked past us, we managed to get some simple shots that expressed its rarity and lack of population on Earth". - Mark Fernley 

Prints donated to NGO: Elephants for Africa

£ 250.00

Our Efforts

As Untamed Photography Tours is all about helping you gain those photographic techniques that you need along with creating an exciting journey, we also take pride in giving back and helping NGO's. With help from some of our generous clients, we engage with donating wildlife images to the charitable projects that work with the survival of Elephants and communities, helping spread the word of conservation to the public.

With many thanks to other photographers that take part in our workshops, tours and expeditions, money from each print has begun to make an impact on the community's education with the survival and coexistence with Elephants. 

Desert Elephants