Our Planet!

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Looking back at some of the work that Untamed Photography have had the privilege to do, our leading photographer Mark A Fernley was the guide for one of the jungle scenes of the Netflix production, ‘Our Planet’. From trekking through the vast forest to carrying equipment for the Silverback Film team, Untamed managed to get some successful footage for the production.

Images below are photographs taken by our TV monitors, footage used in the Netflix production, ‘Our Planet’ produced by Silverback Films in 2019. Each TV monitor segment shows the scenes that were created with the help of our team.

Located in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest, Untamed Pho- tography's team lead by Mark A Fernley arrived at the Las Piedras Amazon Centre to check out the locations suitable for filming. The pho- tographer / guide found many mammal clay-licks that were great loca- tions for filming wildlife such as Jaguar, Brocket Deer, Spix's Guans and many other rodents of the Rainforest. The team located a particular mammal clay-lick that was the most bio-diverse.

The camera operators spent approx one month at the site only during the day to capture anything that passed. These selected clips were used in the ‘Jungles’ episode for the Amazon Rainforest section in ‘Our Planet’.

The conditions that had to be worked in were pretty harsh. Insects to hot and humid weather made the filming a challenge. Each morning the cameraman from Silverback Films and Mark Fernley the guide from Untamed Photography arose at 4am and prepared food. They then took a boat ride through the mist up river, meandering through the tree fall that made it difficult for them to pass. Once at their location, the team had to carry heavy equipment to the filming position. Before the light hit, the camera man was in the hide each time and ready to capture footage of interesting wildlife that frequented the clay- lick.

It was a great reward seeing Untamed Photography mentioned in the credits of Our Planet and to see the final result after the hard work of guiding the videographers.