Lead Wildlife Photographer

Mark Fernley

  British Wildlife Photographer and guide Mark A Fernley has been traveling the world with his camera for as long as he could remember. From the deserts of Africa to the depths of the Amazon Rainforests, Mark has thrived in creating vast bodies of images that best represents each location. He has become involved with many conservation projects across the planet and still focuses on conservation with his photography and through Untamed Photography Tours. His portfolio continues to expand each day as he travels from country to country photographing the wild wonders and learning about the conservation issues  that our planet is facing.

As a wildlife photographer he has been eager to teach others and help people gain the images they require for their wildlife photography portfolio. His development of Untamed Photography Tours was his key to expand his way of teaching and to bring others together who share a passion for wildlife photography. The goal was to help clients gain exciting and memorable images while experiencing wildlife in untouched parts of the world.  

As a photography guide, Fernley has lead teams of wildlife film makers into uncharted areas of the planet. One production that he has contributed to was guiding camera men from Silverback Film Productions in the Amazon Rainforest to film wildlife, for the production of the Netflix series Our Planet narrated by David Attenborough.  

     Within recent years, Fernley has stamped his name all over the web with some of his unique photography projects including:  Macro Photography of Insects, Snakes of the Amazon, Bats in Motion, and his most publicized project, the Mirror Image Stimulation Study (M.I.S.S.) featured in National Geographic that focuses on the competitive recognition of Neotropical Big Cats in the lowland Peruvian Amazon.

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