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From an early age, Jaren Arellano, from Michigan, USA has always had a passion for wildlife and neotropical species in particular. Her passion for wildlife photography has driven her to the heart of the Peruvian Amazon where she has become a keen enthusiast for the Amazon’s wildlife and conservation.
Currently, outside of wildlife photography, Jaren is owner of Into Nature Yoga Retreats located in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest and India. She has also travelled the world in search of indigenous tribes and cultures to study their ways of living. In particular, Jaren has spent time with the tribes of the Omo Valley such as the Hammar Tribe, Mursi Tribe and the Dassanech Tribe. Her ability to seek out tribes of the lost worlds has led her to write. She writes to spread awareness of the problems that these cultures face in order to protect their traditional ways of living.
Jaren continues to travel through the African continent in search of lost tribes that she continues to photograph and document the problems they face with the outside invasion of modernization and development.
Outside of Africa, Jaren explores the Amazon rainforest with her writing and camera to explore and document the problems that the rainforest is currently facing. While running Untamed Photography with Mark, she continues to write about the logging, gold mining and cattle farming problems that we face here in loss of rainforest.
Here, Jaren will spread awareness and provide material to an Australian Television channel named The Eco Channel. On this channel her goal is to spread awareness of all problems we face here in the Amazon Rainforest and other parts of the world alongside Mark and interns of Untamed Photography.