After a short flight from Bandhavgarh  to Delhi, you and the wildlife photographers will take a flight to Sri Lanka for a very exciting Leopard photo tour held in Yala National Park. This luxurious 6-day Leopard photography extension will take you on an exciting journey into the wilderness where Leopard sightings are at their highest. Voted as one of the best locations to spot and photograph Leopard in the world, this big cat extension is a journey you can't miss out on. 


LOCATION:    Yala National Park

GROUP SIZE:    8 max.

DURATION:    6 days / 5 nights

FITNESS LEVEL:                        

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PRICE:  from £ 2,898 GBP

Single Supplement Fee: £ 500


Fully Booked


Mar 6 - 11


Apr 9 - 14

Regular sightings of Sri Lankan Leopard

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This Leopard photo tour is located in two prime destinations in Sri Lanka, Yala National Park and Wilpattu National Park. These two prime wildlife destinations thrive with many species such as the Sloth Bear, Sri Lankan Elephant, and the magnificent Sri Lankan Leopard. Yala is located Southeast of Sri Lanka while Wilpattu National Park is situated in the North West of the island allowing you to photograph and experience everything this country has to offer.

During this photo tour, we will ensure that you will get up and respectably close to the Sri Lankan Leopard in these fascinating National Parks. These Leopards of Yala and Wilpattu, make incredible opportunities for getting those big cat photographs. These remarkable big cats cooperate very well when using most telephoto lenses allowing you to gain those soft background images of a lifetime.

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Endless opportunities to photograph Sri Lankan wildlife

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After your photographic journey in Bandhavgarh National Park, you will make your way back to the airport located in Deli, India where we will spend one night. The next day, you and the wildlife photography guides will depart and make your way to Sri Lanka (flights on included) where we will stay for one night in Negombo. Here you can relax and prepare for the Leopard journey of a lifetime.


On this day, you will be taken through the scenic routes of Southern Sri Lanka where this 4-hour car journey will come to and end at Yala National Park. We will offer a small nature walk around the property followed by an introductory dinner with our wildlife photographers and local guides.


DAYS 2 - 5

Each day will consist of two safari drives (one in the morning and one in the afternoon)


The morning drive will consist of searching the incredible landscapes of Yala for the Sri Lankan Leopard. The long drive will be photographically directed towards the graceful Leopard in the early morning light where they will be more active giving you great photographic opportunities. There will be many opportunities to photograph Sloth Bears, and the magnificent Asian Elephant, along with many other species of wildlife.


After each morning drive, you will return to the lodge and relax in the comfortable lodge before lunch, where we all have the chance to discuss photographic techniques before the afternoon drive. Lunch is provided with a beautiful design each day to give you the full experience of this special and carefully selected lodge.


The afternoon drive will take us back into the Yala National Park where the lighting will be stronger, and the Leopards will be found mainly in trees and rocky locations giving you a variety of photographic backgrounds. Large gatherings of Elephants will be found at marshy locations that are also great subject to be photographed.


Each evening you will get the chance to fine dine with company of your fellow photographers to make your Sri Lankan Leopard Safari a memory of a lifetime. Here you can talk wildlife photography, share stories, and experience the very best of our luxury lodge.



The tour will take a final Yala National Park Leopard photo safari to get those last photographs of the wildlife that Yala has to offer. After this drive, we will return for breakfast. Shortly after we will make our way through the scenic roads of Sri Lanka in our private vehicle. Here the group will have a fun, scenic drive through the west side of the country avoiding the Elephants that tend to cross the road where you will be dropped off at Airport of Katunayake where the tour will finish.