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  • Close encounters with Africa’s Big five in their natural habitat.


  • Great photographic opportunities by accessing the Chobe River by using our photo boat to gain access to photograph wildlife such as Elephant, Hippo and Lion.


  • The photo hotel is designed specifically for wildlife photographers, where each photograph throughout the hotel consist of different photographic techniques inspiring you to expand your knowledge.

  • Over 450 species of birds found in Chobe are waiting to be photographed such as the African Spoon Bill, the African Fish eagle, the Marabou Stork and many more.


  • On land game drives to photograph the many large herds of wildlife such as Cape Buffalo, Burchell's Zebra to name a few. Great views of the Victoria Falls in the wilderness of Zimbabwe


LOCATION:    Chobe, Botswana

GROUP SIZE:    8 max.

DURATION:    7 days / 6 nights

FITNESS LEVEL:                        

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PRICE:  from £ 4,995 GBP

Single Supplement Fee: £ 400


Oct 21 - 27


Aug 12 - 18

Elephant Botswana


Our Wild Chobe photographic workshop based in the Northeast of Botswana, takes you on a journey to photograph the wild wonders of Africa, from the majestic Lion to the wise African Elephant. With our award-winning and enthusiastic wildlife photographers at your side we will travel by car and with our photo boats through Chobe to capture those memorable images of a lifetime.  




Mark has spent years tracking and photographing the wildlife of the many countries in Africa. From the jungles of Uganda to the bush lands of Southern Africa, he brings with him great knowledge of the wildlife and the surrounding areas. His photographic knowledge brings creativity and uniqueness to this safari/workshop. During this safari, Mark will share his wildlife photography secrets with you to enhance that once in a lifetime portfolio.

View Mark's portfolio here

Mark Fernley


Private airport transfers

5-star accommodation

All locally sourced meals

All alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages

Transportation during workshop

All Chobe activities

All photographic guidance


International/domestic flights

Gratuities for guides / staff



100-400mm lens


80-600mm Sigma lens


800mm lens


1 -2 camera bodies

16-35mm wide angle lens


Laptop & Back up Storage

Multiple CF Cards/SD Cards 




This wildlife photo safari is located in a watery floodplain known as Chobe National Park, containing many species of wildlife that thrive in numbers. The National Park is situated on the Chobe River that is set on the North East of Botswana bordering Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia. Chobe is well known for its high populations of African Elephants that swim the meandering rivers creating great photographic opportunities during the tour.  



Our Wild Chobe workshop offers you the Chobe Photo Safari Hotel. This five-star lodge is created to enhance your photographic capability as it has been designed as a gallery showing many image ideas of composition and lighting. Along with our spacious rooms offering laptop image editing workspace and a stunning view over the African plains, our friendly staff are there to assist and make your stay with us an unforgettable experience.

Chobe Safari
Chobe Hotel
Chobe Botswana

The best wildlife photography Africa has to offer

African photography safaris

Chobe provides some excellent wildlife photographic opportunities that work with all telephoto lenses. From the colours of this park and the flat horizon, taking photographs of large herds of Elephants and Buffalo to name a few can turn out beautifully. This location also provides a large number of birds that makes Chobe a wildlife photographers hotspot in Africa.


One of the best destinations for African Elephants



Set in one of the most biodiverse locations on the planet where the African wildlife is at its best, our Wild Chobe Photo Safari brings you one of the best wildlife photographic experience. Our team will pick you up from Kasane airport, escort you through the open plain, to the Chobe Photo Safari Hotel created specifically by wildlife photographers as a photography gallery for your leisure.    

During this 6-day/5-night photographic workshop safari, you will gain a full photo safari experience with our award winning wildlife photographers and conservationists.


A full day of our Wild Chobe will consist of two game outings each day. Depending on animal activity and the best wildlife photographic opportunities, we offer river and land transport to help you gain the best sightings to be photographed showcasing a breath-taking portfolio of images of wild Africa.

Our Safari Drives: Safari drives begin at 6am and 1pm and will take you into the heart of African wilderness. From the majestic African Lion to the noble African Elephant you will be driven by boat or car to get close and personal to these stunning animals. With our photography professionals at your side, you will be educated on techniques and skills to gain those perfect images of the African wildlife. Our drivers are skilled to track all species of African wildlife for your photographic needs especially when searching for the Big-5 on land and on the Chobe River.

Our safari boat rides consist of eight seats that rotate a full 360-degrees giving you an exceptional maneuverability with your lens. The mounting of our tripods are based on a lightweight machine gun mounting used by the South African army. The design is so simple and effective that you will master the tripod in no time.


After each drive, you will have the luxury of the Chobe Photo Safari Hotel to relax and enjoy the breath-taking images that decor the hotels interior. There will be an exquisite three course meal of breakfast, lunch and dinner and a grand selection of beverages that will be available at your leisure.

The last day will consist of a morning game drive to capture those last images that you desire with the help form our keen wildlife photographers at your side. After a lunch you will be escorted back to the airport or your desired next location with your diverse showcase of images.   



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