This wildlife photography workshop is located deep in the lowlands of the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest, in the heart of Southern Peru. Here, we will venture into some of the most pristine and least explored corners of the Amazon Rainforest. Set aside the Tambopata River, this mind-blowing 11-day photography workshop takes us on exciting routes through the forest, along rivers, and among lakes to observe a plethora of bird, mammal, reptile, amphibian, and insect species!


You will begin in the small town of Puerto Maldonado, Peru where you will then be taken into the rainforest depths, guided by professional, award-winning wildlife photographers. These photographers will not only enhance your photography skills, but educate you on the biological information on the fauna and flora of the Amazon Rainforest. 


Photographic opportunities include, and are not limited to, wildlife such as the endangered Giant River Otters, the famous Jaguar, Red and Green Macaws, Howler Monkeys, and the large Lowland Tapir. Our photographers will take you on a journey through the depths of the rainforest to the high canopy in search of the abundance of wildlife that thrives in this location, and will help you obtain those perfect photographs that you have dreamt of!

Emerald Tree Boa, Amazon Rainforest Photography Tour
Emerald Tree Boa, Amazon Rainforest Photography Tour

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Red Howler Monkeys, Amazon Rainforest Photography Tour
Red Howler Monkeys, Amazon Rainforest Photography Tour

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Amazon Tree Boa, Amazon Rainforest Photography Tour
Amazon Tree Boa, Amazon Rainforest Photography Tour

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Emerald Tree Boa, Amazon Rainforest Photography Tour
Emerald Tree Boa, Amazon Rainforest Photography Tour

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LOCATION:    Tambopata, Peru

GROUP SIZE:    2-6 people

DURATION:    11 days / 10 nights



Jun 1 - 11

Jul 20 - 30

Aug 3 - 13


Jun 2 - 12

Jul 25 - Aug 4


from £ 2,897 GBP


Airport pick-up/drop off

All accommodation

All transportation

All meals

Purified drinking water, coffee, tea, juice

Running water

Electricity: 2 hours in the afternoon & 5:00pm-9:30pm

All activities

All national park entry fees

Tripod upon request

All photographic guidance


International/domestic flights

soda at the lodge

alcoholic beverages at the lodge

Gratuities for guides / staff


Opportunities to photograph some of the worlds most stunning predators of the Amazon Rainforest such as the Jaguar, Giant River Otter, and the lucid Puma.


Get close to Tambopata’s insects in their thousands and the impressive one thousand and twenty species of butterfly in their vast variety of colour and design.


Close and personal sightings of the Red Howler Monkey, Squirrel Monkey, Brown Capuchin, and Saddle Backed Tamarin.


Great and regular sightings of a variety of coloured snakes and frogs that provide great photographic opportunities.


Possible sightings of Giant Ant Eater, Tamandua, Tayra and other interesting mammals that fill this vast rainforest of Tambopata with life.


DSLR Camera

100-400mm lens: We recommend this lens for a variety of wildlife shots during our photography workshop/tour.


80-600mm Sigma lens: (Highly Recommended) Fantastic lens when photographing wildlife to gain that extra reach.


16-35mm wide angle lens: These great lenses are by far one of the most popular. It is truly a great lens for all types of photography including landscapes and wildlife.


100mm macro lens: (Highly Recommended) These 100mm macro lenses allow you to take macro images but at a respectable and safe distance so your subject does not fly or jump away.


1-2 camera bodies: Two cameras can be helpful however one camera body is perfect during our photographic tours to gain those memorable images of a life time.


Tripod: (Limited amount provided, contact us for availability) Tripods are a must for all tours in the Amazon Rainforest. As light is low under the canopy, tripods are great ways to control lens stability.


Back up Storage: As all photographers like to return and briefly view their images, laptops are advised. Also backing up your images of a life time onto an external device such as a hard drive is a must.


Multiple CF Cards/SD Cards: (Recommended)


Drybag & Silica Gel: (Highly Recommended) To protect equipment from rain and humidity damage during extended periods in the rainforest.


Powerful Headlight: (Highly Recommended) The number one gadget used in the Amazon Rainforest.


We will be staying at a quaint eco-lodge in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. The lodge is surrounded by fruit trees and native flowers, which are perfect for attracting a great amount of colourful butterflies and birds, meaning there is plenty of wildlife to admire from your front porch. This luxurious rainforest lodge will provide a beautiful display of traditional Peruvian cuisine each day. The bedrooms are thatched bungalows on raised wooden platforms, each with a private ensuite and a relaxing front porch to enjoy the environment from your front door. This is a great, comfortable base in a truly stunning setting!



Untamed Photography Tours


Untamed Photography Tours



DAYS 1-2

We will start in the city of Puerto Maldonado where you will spend your first night at a rainforest hotel overlooking the Madre de Dios River. Your photographers will host dinner at a traditional Peruvian restaurant providing complimentary beverages of your choice. An overview of health & safety, along with details of the workshop will be given on this day.

After breakfast the following morning, we will make our way to the Rainforest Eco-lodge (approx. 3 hour boat trip-perfect opportunity for photos) where we will settle for this workshop. Our first trek will be after lunch. A three-course traditional Peruvian dinner will be provided every night. 


DAYS 3-5

These three days, we will focus on exploring the jungle and searching for the best photographic opportunities. We’ll start by taking a 30-minute boat ride down river to one of the two oxbow lakes nearby. Here, we will photograph a wealth of animals at the stunning early morning light. You can expect to see Giant River Otters feeding on Yellow-bellied Parana, monkeys jumping around in the trees, caiman on the riverbeds, and much more. After lunch, a small critique followed by a rainforest walk each day is a must, guided by our expert photographers (trek to canopy tower on these days is possible). An optional night walk focusing on light and flash photography are available each night.

DAYS 6-7

We will predominantly be focusing on the macro photography opportunities the Amazon has to offer. We’ll head into the jungle on foot and learn about getting extreme macro shots of species such as frogs, spiders, snakes, and lots of small creepy crawlies. After lunch, again a small critique followed by a rainforest walk each day guided by our expert photographers. At sunset on these days, we’ll take boat trip up the Tambopata River in search of Puma and Caiman. After dinner, there will be opportunity to do macro night photography during night walks into the jungle. Night walks focusing on macro light and flash photography are available but optional.


This day will involve trekking through this vast biodiverse forest and getting to the lookout tower where we will spend most of the morning getting close to the canopy dwelling rainforest birds such as Aracaris, Macaws and if lucky the famous Harpy Eagle. We will later return for lunch and identify the birds and other species seen at the canopy tower. Afternoon will be a walk through the forest before dark. After dinner, an optional night walk is available to increase your night photography skills.

DAYS 9-10

We will spend our mornings at the macaw salt lick getting shots of the Red and Green Macaws and other species feeding on the salts. This is an exceedingly rare and unique opportunity for any wildlife photographer. On our way to this clay-lick, our photographers will give you tips and tricks in advance to get you prepared to catch these majestic birds in action. We will return for a refreshing lunch and a short relaxation period. We will then trek the forest to photograph fauna and flora. After your three-course dinner, an optional night walk is available. 

DAY 11

After an early breakfast, you will be taken on a returning boat journey down river, back towards Puerto Maldonado. There are great chances of spotting wildlife and enjoying some last chance wildlife photography. Lunch will be provided by us at our favourite location in town. Airport/hotel transportation will be provided.

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Your photography guide, Mark, has spent most of his time living in the Amazon Rainforest photographing everything and anything that walks, slithers and climes. His knowledge and ability to creatively photograph the fauna and flora of the Rainforest is endless. During this photo tour/Workshop, Mark will share his wildlife photography secrets with you to enhance that once in a lifetime portfolio. 

Mark Fernley



Blue and Yellow Macaw (Ara ararauna)



Leaf Mimic Katydid on the Move