Leaf Mimic Katydid, Camouflage is Key!



  • The Amazon Rainforest is probably the best place on the planet for macro photography!

  • Get close to Tambopata’s insects in their thousands and the impressive one thousand and twenty species of butterfly in their vast variety of colour and design.

  • Great and regular sightings of a variety of coloured reptiles and amphibians that provide good photographic opportunities with a macro lens.


LOCATION:    Tambopata, Peru

GROUP SIZE:    6 max.

DURATION:    7 days / 6 nights

FITNESS LEVEL:                        


PRICE:  from £ 2,989 GBP

Single Supplement Fee: £ 300


Jul 3 - 9


May 22 - 28


May 6 - 12


Located deep in the lowlands of the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest, in the heart of Southern Peru, you will be taken into some of the most untouched and least explored corners of the Amazon Rainforest. Set aside the Tambopata River, this mind blowing     7-day photography workshop takes us on an exciting journey through the forest, getting extremely close to the macro world!

You will start in the small town of Puerto Maldonado and be taken into the rainforest depths, guided by the professional, award-winning wildlife photographers who will assist you to capture the best macro photographs possible. You will be tutored on macro photographic techniques and ultra-macro photography using professional photo stacking programs.

Each day will include rainforest treks with photographic opportunities including all frog species, snake species, insects, flora, and fungus. Untamed Photography’s photographers will help you gain the best shots to create that perfect Amazon Rainforest macro portfolio. We also take pride in teaching you information of each species that we see during your stay to help you document each photograph.

During your stay here at the lodge, you will have the opportunity to go on night walks and gain shots of all wildlife specifically the macro world that inhabits the rainforest. Here you will improve your skills using flash or lighting with your camera of the small nocturnal life.

Along with macro photography, you are free to photograph the many other species that roam the rainforest of Tambopata Region here in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest.




Your photography guide, Mark, has spent most of his time living in the Amazon Rainforest photographing everything and anything that walks, slithers and climbs. His knowledge and ability to creatively photograph the fauna and flora of the Rainforest is endless. During this photo tour/Workshop, Mark will share his wildlife photography secrets with you to enhance that once in a lifetime portfolio.

View Mark's portfolio here

Mark Fernley


Airport pick-up/drop off

All accommodation

All transportation

All meals

Purified drinking water, coffee, tea, juice

Running water

Electricity: 2 hours in the afternoon & 5:00pm-9:30pm

All activities

All national park entry fees

Tripod upon request

All photographic guidance


International/domestic flights

soda at the lodge

alcoholic beverages at the lodge

Gratuities for guides / staff



100mm macro lens


60mm macro lens


External flash +  diffuser


Laowa macro fisheye lens


1-2 camera bodies




Back up Storage

Multiple CF Cards/SD Cards


Drybag & Silica Gel

Powerful Headlight 

Jumping Spider_edited.jpg
View From Above



This Macro wildlife photography tour is located in the Lowland Peruvian Amazon Rainforest situated in the Madre de Dios region. This rainforest is located next to a small town called Puerto Maldonado. The rainforest is situated near the National Park of Tambopata located near the Tambopata River. The rainforest in Tambopata provides a strong hold for numerous small species of wildlife. These range from insects to amphibians and reptiles.



We will be staying at a quaint eco-lodge in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. The lodge is surrounded by fruit trees and native flowers, which are perfect for attracting a great amount of colourful butterflies and birds, meaning there is plenty of wildlife to admire from your front porch. This luxurious rainforest lodge will provide a beautiful display of traditional Peruvian cuisine each day. The bedrooms are thatched bungalows on raised wooden platforms, each with a private ensuite and a relaxing front porch to enjoy the environment from your front door. This is a great, comfortable base in a truly stunning setting!


Learn great photographic techniques in low light


The forest of Tambopata holds a mass of wildlife of the macro world. From uniquely designed insects to the obscure frogs, your macro lenses will struggle to keep up with this biodiverse forest. From the forest Katydids to the brightly coloured tree frogs, this Macro photography workshop will help you photograph everything wonderful and small that this forest has to offer.  

Untamed Photography Tours_edited.png

Dive into the macro world of the Amazon Rainforest



We will start in the city of Puerto Maldonado where you will spend your first night at a rainforest hotel overlooking the Madre de Dios River. Your photographers will host dinner at a traditional Peruvian restaurant providing complimentary beverages of your choice. An overview of health & safety, along with details of the workshop will be given on this day.


After breakfast the following morning, we will make our way to the Rainforest Eco-lodge (approx. 3 hour boat trip-perfect opportunity for photos) where we will settle for this workshop. Our first trek will be after lunch. A three-course traditional Peruvian dinner will be provided every night followed by night walks to really dive into the Macro world of the Amazon Rainforest.


DAYS 3-4

We will dive into the world of macro photography in search of reptiles and amphibians with our professional wildlife photographers to improve your skills. With the three walks a day consisting of morning, afternoon and the optional night walk, you have the opportunity to find and photograph everything and anything that lurks the forest. 

Before fine dining, we will go through your images for critiques. An option for a visit to an oxbow lake to see the Giant River Otters or Macaw clay-lick is a possibility but will need to be booked in advanced. 


DAYS 5-6

Here we focus on insects and the delicate fauna that thrive in the rainforest. Here your guides/photographers will help improve your skills that make a memorable macro photograph. During these days, you will be run through the program called Helicon Focus and learn the art of focus stacking. Again, an option for a visit to an oxbow lake to see the Giant River Otters or Macaw clay-lick is a possibility but will need to be booked in advanced. 


After an early breakfast, you will be taken on a three-hour boat journey down river, back towards Puerto Maldonado. There’s great chances of spotting wildlife and enjoying some last wildlife photography. Lunch will be provided by us at our favourite location in town. Airport/hotel transportation will be provided.



Blue and Yellow Macaw (Ara ararauna)


Leaf Mimic Katydid on the Move