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Untamed Photography strives to promote wildlife conservation through photography and videography in some of the most vital ecosystems on planet Earth. Offering wildlife photography workshops, tours, safaris, and internships, our award-winning photographers aim to teach professional photography techniques along with biological information of the ecosystem. Our goal is  to protect some of the rarest, most unique species on the planet by sharing our imagery to the rest of the world.


Our Amazon Rainforest Photo Eco-lodge

Located in the only National Park in the Tambopata Region of Peru, this exquisite eco-lodge is surrounded by primary forest inhabiting an abundance of native species. Our local staff, speaking both Spanish and English provide a friendly service and hospitality. In the common area is where you will enjoy three course meals, full service bar, and great company.

Our Chobe Photo Safari Hotel

Located along the Chobe River in North-Eastern Botswana, this hotel is designed exclusively for photographers. This hotel's layout resembles an art gallery showcasing professional wildlife photographers photos. By displaying these photographs, our guests can use these as reference when capturing their perfect photo on their daily outings. Each room is equipt with a large desk, perfect for editorial purposes.

Our Exclusive Charter Houseboat

This exclusive charter sails the Chobe River hosting up to eight guests. Accompanied by local staff, you will experience a truely relaxing trip with beverages as you pass Africa's wildlife. Smaller boats are included to get close to get that perfect photograph. There are three levels on the boat that include the sleeping deck where five luxury guest rooms await, the indoor dining deck and the exclusive sunrise open roof deck for everyone to enjoy their African experience. 

Our Photo Safari Camp, Okavango Delta

Located in one of the most bio-diverse areas on the planet here in the Okavango Delta, this safari camp has plenty to offer. With four luxurious tents well adapted for the environment, you will get a great nigh sleep as wild Africa roams the plains at night. There is a communal fire area where local staff can serve you drinks at your leisure and a separate dining area where the finest and highest quality foods are served.