Untamed Photography Tours is here to take you on a photographic journey into some of the world’s most biodiverse locations on the planet. Our locations have been carefully selected by us, providing our clients with some of the top photogenic wildlife species that our planet has to offer. In each location, our photo trips are here to give you an experience like no other, helping you gain those professional wildlife photographs of a lifetime.


Neotropical Rainforests

Our uniquely designed rainforest tours are located in two hotspots of the Neotropics: Lowland Peruvian Amazon rainforests along the Tambopata River and the rainforest of Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica. Untamed Photography’s wildlife photo tours will take you into primary rainforest where wildlife is at its best, to help you gain those award-winning images you desire.


Wildlife of Africa

Untamed Photography Tours offers wildlife photo safaris & expeditions in some of Africa’s most unique locations. In the jungles of Uganda, the watery flatlands of Botswana, and the drylands of North Namibia, our wildlife photographer Mark A Fernley will take you on a photographic adventure where wildlife photo opportunities are at their prime. We take great joy in taking wildlife photographers of all skill levels into the land of the giants, ranging from Mountain Gorillas of Bwindi to the rare desert Elephants of Damaraland.

Forests of India

Our Indian photo safari locations have been carefully selected by the Untamed Photography Tours team, assuring our clients the best photographic opportunities possible. These wildlife hotspots such as Bandhavgarh and Ranthambore offer our wildlife photography guests the chance to get up close to the famous Bengal Tiger and Indian Leopard. Along with these magnificent species, you will get the chance to photograph species of birds, mammals, and reptiles during each safari with our professional photographers and experienced local guides.

View From Above


Mark Fernley



Head Wildlife Photographer

Jaren Arellano


Logistics Manager

Wildlife Photographer


Untamed Photography Tours is not only here to provide photography techniques, but to also raise awareness of the importance of wildlife and nature conservation in each area. We strive to promote conservation by sharing our photography/videography with the rest of the world. During each workshop/tour, we will educate each photographer on the ecosystem and each species that is in their frame. Our main goal is to help clients get spectacular wildlife photographs; however, our wildlife photographers/guides are here to share the importance of conservation. Our wildlife photographers are also here to provide biological information about all species of wildlife found in the areas where we work. Along with gaining photographic skills, our clients will return from our workshop/tour or expedition with a showcase of images AND great knowledge of the wildlife and the environment they were immersed in.



Untamed Photography Tours works with organisations and National Parks around the world that also share the same goal as us: nature and wildlife conservation. Our services in South America, India, and Africa provide jobs for local people, protection for local wildlife and funding for National Parks that are used for our workshops and tours.