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Located in two prime destinations in Sri Lanka, this luxurious 9 day Leopard photography tour will take you on an exciting journey into Yala National Park and Wilpattu National Park. Voted as two of the best locations to spot and photograph Leopard in the world, this mesmerising photographic trip lead by Wildlife Photographer Mark A Fernley is a journey you can't miss out on. Although this photographic trip is directed on Sri Lankan Leopard, you will also have the opportunities to photograph Sloth Bear, Elephants and many other species of wildlife.

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LOCATION:    Yala & Wilpattu National Parks

GROUP SIZE:    8 max.

DURATION:    9 days / 8 nights



Fully Booked


Mar 5 - 13


from £ 3,995 GBP


Airport pick-up/drop off

Transportation to hotel

All Accommodation

All transportation

Purified drinking water, coffee, tea, juice

All activities

All national park entry fees

All photographic guidance


International/domestic flights

Gratuities for guides / staff


Opportunities to get up close to the wild Sri Lankan Leopard for great photographic results.


Along with Leopard sightings, you will have many opportunities to photograph Sloth Bear, Sri Lankan Elephant and much more.

Two lengthy game drives each day directed in getting you those iconic and creative Leopard Photographs and much more. 

Visit two of the best National Parks in Sri Lanka. Yala National Park and Wilpattu provide some of the best concentrated Leopard sightings in the world. Both parks provide great landscapes and colour that work great with all wildlife photographs.

Small group of 8 maximum lead by a very enthusiastic wildlife photographer along with a local naturalist.


DSLR Camera

200mm lens: Perfect for close encounters with wildlife.     


800mm lens: A great way to extend your reach to wildlife at a far distance (alternative: 400mm lens with x2 extender).


60-600mm Sigma lens: (Highly Recommended) A fantastic two-in-one lens for Canon and Nikon. Perfect for Leopard photography. 


16-35mm lens: We recommend this lens for a variety of landscape images during our Leopard Photo Safaris to gain those memorable images of Sri Lankas forests.


1-2 camera bodies: Two cameras can be helpful however one camera body is perfect during our photographic tours.


Monopod: (Highly Recommended) We recommend a monopod while on safari, for these are perfect for balancing your telephoto and are easy to set up when wildlife is present.


Laptop & Hard Drive: As all photographers like to return and briefly view their images, laptops are advised. Also backing up your images of a life time onto an external device such as a hard drive is a must.


Multiple CF Cards/SD Cards: (Recommended)


During this photographic Leopard Adventure, you will stay at two luxurious camps that will be situated just outside each National Park. Each Camp is surrounded by the regular visitors of local wildlife and is only one minute away from each Park where the Leopards will be awaiting our arrival each day.

Both lodges hold large luxury tents that hold a peaceful environment for each guest to relax after each long day. Both lodges provide comfort in the wild where passing wildlife is free to walk through and around the camps. Each tent provides electricity for charging camera batteries so there is never a photograph opportunity to be missed.



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Located in two remarkable places in Sri Lanka, we begin this exciting Sri Lankan Leopard photography tour in the area of Katunayake, North of the Capital Colombo, where we will pick you up from the Bandaranaike International Airport.


Note for early arrivals: we can organise accommodation at the Aria Lagoon located in Negombo for days prior to the tour’s start date.



On the day of arrival at Negombo, you will be taken through the scenic routs of Southern Sri Lanka where this four-hour car journey will finally stop at Yala National Park. We will offer a small nature walk around the property followed by an introductory dinner with our wildlife photographers and local guides.


DAYS 2 - 5

Each day will consist of two safari drives (one in the morning and one in the afternoon)


The morning drive will consist of searching the incredible landscapes of Yala for the Sri Lankan Leopard. The long drive will be photographically directed towards the graceful Leopard in the early morning light where they will be more active giving you great photographic opportunities. There will be many opportunities to photograph Sloth Bears, and the magnificent Asian Elephant, along with many other species of wildlife.


After each morning drive, you will return to the lodge and relax in the comfortable lodge before lunch, where we all have the chance to discuss photographic techniques before the afternoon drive. Lunch is provided with a beautiful design each day to give you the full experience of this special and carefully selected lodge.


The afternoon drive will take us back into the Yala National Park where the lighting will be stronger, and the Leopards will be found mainly in trees and rocky locations giving you a variety of photographic backgrounds. Large gatherings of Elephants will be found at marshy locations that are also great subject to be photographed.


Each evening you will get the chance to fine dine with company of your fellow photographers to make your Sri Lankan Leopard Safari a memory of a lifetime. Here you can talk wildlife photography, share stories, and experience the very best of our luxury lodge.



The tour will take their final Yala National Park Leopard photo safari to get those last photographs of the wildlife that Yala has to offer. After this drive, we will return for breakfast. Shortly after we will make our way through the scenic roads of Sri Lanka in our private vehicle. Here the group will have a fun, scenic drive through the West side of the country avoiding the Elephants that tend to cross the road to Katunayake.


Option A

People who are not attending the full tour will be taken to Aria Lagoon hotel located in Negombo or Bandaranaike International Airport where we will say our farewells.


Option B

Guests on the full tour will have an en-route lunch and we will venture on up North to Wilpattu National Park where we will arrive at the next lodge. Depending on our time of arrival, an evening safari in Wilpattu will be arranged. A small introductory of the new location will be held just before dinner to get you familiar with the area. This is the perfect opportunity to review and backup your photographs from Yala National Park. The rest of the evening will allow you to enjoy the lodge and relax in luxury.


DAYS 7 – 8

Again, both days will consist of two safari drives (one in the morning and one in the afternoon)


The morning drive will involve an early start in Wilpattu National Park known as the “The land of the lakes”. This stunning area of forest and wetland provides perfect lighting and background for photographing Leopards in all their glory. There will be many opportunities to photograph Sloth Bears, the magnificent Asian Elephant, and many other species of large mammals.


After each morning drive followed by breakfast, you will be able to enjoy the lodge and its scenic location. We will have the time to talk about our images and gain more knowledge for that perfect Leopard Photograph.


The afternoon drive, shortly after lunch, you will go back into Wilpattu National Park where we will continue our search for those memorable and unique photographic opportunities of Leopard along with many Elephants, Sloth Bear and much more. This large and vast area known as Sri Lankas largest national park is also a fantastic place for bird photography and landscape photo opportunities are endless.


Each evening you will get the chance to fine dine and enjoy the beautifully made dinner provided by our enthusiastic chefs.



There will be an early morning Leopard photo Safari followed by breakfast. Shortly after, we will make our way down South to the area of Negombo. Here we will drop you off at the Aria Lagoon before your flight. Options to be dropped off at the airport are also available.

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Award winning wildlife photographer Mark Fernley, has gained interesting knowledge and photographic experience to share with others after spending time among Sri Lanka’s wildlife. He has worked world wide with film crews such as the crew from Our Planet and has had his projects featured in National Geographic. For searching and photographing big cats worldwide, Mark will guarantee you a memorable experience along with photographic techniques for you to gain those memorable photographs of Sri Lankan Leopard and much more!


Riaz is one of Sri Lanka’s leading wildlife photographers and travel personalities. He’s been working within the field of wildlife and nature-based travel for the past decade to wilderness areas within Sri Lanka and overseas. Riaz is also an internationally recognized location manager for wildlife documentary film crews that visit Sri Lanka and has worked on prestigious assignments such as National Geographic’s Wild Sri Lanka and Disney Nature’s Monkey Kingdom.

Mark Fernley
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