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Set in the heart of Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan, North India, our 9-day Bengal Tiger Photo Safari brings you some of the best wildlife photographic opportunities in India surrounded by ancient fort ruins. This photo safari/workshop will begin at the India Gandhi International Airport (DEL) where you will be taken to Ranthambore National Park with our local guides and our professional wildlife photographers at your side. On safari in Ranthambore, you will have the chance to get up close to stunning Bengal Tigers, Indian Leopards, Sambar Deer and many other species of wildlife that are great subjects to be photographed during this photo tour. You will be accompanied by our friendly and enthusiastic professional wildlife photographers and local wildlife guides throughout the workshop to ensure that you gain the photographic skills required and knowledge of the wildlife seen on the trip with Untamed Photography.


 During this tour you will also get the chance to photograph the Mugger Crocodile and the exceedingly rare Gharial on the Chambal River. Here you will have great opportunities with our wildlife photographers to get close shots of these species in their glory as they bask on the banks with their piercing green eyes as we sail the river.

Indian Leopard crop
Large Bengal Tiger Cub, Indian Wildlife Photography Workshop
Large Bengal Tiger Cub, Indian Wildlife Photography Workshop

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Northern Plain Langur, Indian Wildlife Photography Workshop
Northern Plain Langur, Indian Wildlife Photography Workshop

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Indian Painted Storks of Chambal River, Indian Wildlife Photography Workshop
Indian Painted Storks of Chambal River, Indian Wildlife Photography Workshop

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Large Bengal Tiger Cub, Indian Wildlife Photography Workshop
Large Bengal Tiger Cub, Indian Wildlife Photography Workshop

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LOCATION:    Ranthambore National Park

GROUP SIZE:    8 max.

DURATION:    9 days / 8 nights



Mar 6 - 14


Mar 6 - 14


from £ 3,995 GBP


Airport pick-up/drop off

Transportation to hotel

All Accommodation

All transportation

Purified drinking water, coffee, tea, juice

Alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages

All activities

All national park entry fees

All photographic guidance


International/domestic flights

Gratuities for guides / staff


Opportunities to get up close to the wild and rare Bengal Tiger and the Indian Leopard commonly found in the fort areas of Ranthambore.


Other species of antelope roam the vast lands such as the Sambar Deer, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Chevrotain Deer and the famous Nilgai known to be the largest antelope in Asia.


Great sightings of the exceedingly rare and endangered Gharials of Chambal river along with the large Mugger crocodile.


Other great sightings waiting to be photographed include the famous Sloth Bear, the Indian Wild Dog, Grey Mongoose, and the two species of monkey such as the Northern Grey Langur and the Rhesus Macaque.


There are a large number of bird species that can be photographed during this tour such as Rollers, Hornbills, Parakeets, Peacocks and who can forget the Red Junglefowl, the ancestor of the domestic chicken.


DSLR Camera

200mm lens: Perfect for close encounters with wildlife.     


800mm lens: A great way to extend your reach to wildlife at a far distance (alternative: 400mm lens with x2 extender).


60-600mm Sigma lens: (Highly Recommended) A fantastic two-in-one lens for Canon and Nikon. Perfect for Tiger photography. 


16-35mm lens: We recommend this lens for a variety of landscape images during our Tiger Photo Safaris to gain those memorable images of India's forests.


1-2 camera bodies: Two cameras can be helpful however one camera body is perfect during our photographic tours.


Monopod: (Highly Recommended) We recommend a monopod while on safari, for these are perfect for balancing your telephoto and are easy to set up when wildlife is present.


Laptop & Hard Drive: As all photographers like to return and briefly view their images, laptops are advised. Also backing up your images of a life time onto an external device such as a hard drive is a must.


Multiple CF Cards/SD Cards: (Recommended)


The hotel you will be staying at is one of a kind. This fort styled luxury building in the National Park is built for comfort and is designed to bring you the best feeling of what India has to offer. With Luxury rooms and facilities, the hotel used for this workshop has wide open spaces and features and distinctive qualities in keeping with the traditional way of life in the area. The guest rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi and are spacious, giving you plenty of room when your equipment is out and provide you comfort with a traditional feel of India.


This hotel, designed as an ancient fort built with Red Kota Stone, provides many facilities that any photographer would endure after a shoot in the wilderness. These are the multi cuisine restaurant, bar, gym, spa and pool. 



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Untamed Photography Tours



The first day will begin by picking you up from the airport with other wildlife photographers where you will be greeted and taken to a hotel for lunch. Shortly after, the group will be transferred to the train station where you will get the train at (5pm) south to Sawai Madhopur, arriving approximately at (8:35pm). From there you will have a short drive to Ranthambore National Park where you will arrive at the hotel just in time for Dinner.


DAYS 2-5

Each day will begin with an early start where the group will meet at the hotel breakfast area where you will be offered tea and coffee with biscuits as we prep for the morning. Here the photography tutors and National park guides will begin a breakdown of a plan for each drive.

We will set out on the drive into the wild of Ranthambore National park, home to over 70 Bengal Tigers. We will spend time around waterholes and listening for the destress calls of the Samba deer as they sense that Tigers or Leopards are in the area. Here we will search for them for photographic opportunities along with many other mammal species and bird species of interest to provide the best Ranthambore wildlife portfolio any photographer could think of.

Later we will return to the hotel where you can enjoy what the resort has to offer. Shortly after we will be providing a hearty lunch served by the finest chefs. An optional tutorial will then take place where we can discus images taken from each drive involving the preparation for the next drive into the wilderness of the National Park of Ranthambore.

Each evening safari will start around 3:30pm giving you some day light during the drive accompanied with tea and coffee. On these evening drives, we will be finding the best of the wildlife in Ranthambore once again and gaining those skills that are required to achieve award-winning shots with our wildlife photographers and knowledgeable local wildlife guides.

Once the dark hits, we will return to the hotel where we will all meet for dinner and beverages under the moon light of the Indian skies and ready for each upcoming wildlife day of photographic adventure.   



An early start with tea and coffee and a briefing from the team of photographers and guides. Here the group will be taken by car to a location called Pali Ghat. On the way, we will pass many Northern Plains Grey Langur’s that occasionally jump on the cars in search for food making the journey rather interesting! At Pali Ghat we will have breakfast and then board the boat in the Chambal River in search of the Mugger Crocodile and the infamous Gharial, a rare species of crocodilian found only in this part of the world. We will search up and down the banks of the river where you can get spectacular images of them in their unique form with help from our photo experts. A packed lunch will be provided during the boat trip. After viewing these rare and spectacular species, we will return and make our way back to the hotel where dinner awaits.


DAYS 7-8

These last two days, we will take you back into the National Park in search of the Bengal Tigers and the Indian Leopard and other passing wildlife with the Untamed Photography team at your side. Again, this will involve one sunrise morning drive and an evening drive starting at 3:30pm. After your last drive on day 9, you can enjoy the hotel and its facilities to relax after the excitement of Ranthambore.



The group will make their way to the train station with breakfast in the small town of Sawai Madhopur for the 6:25 train. Here we will make our way North through the lands of North India and to the Nizammudin Station in Delhi for 11am where a transfer to the airport or your hotel for overnight stayers depending on you flight and next location.  We will say our goodbyes as you will leave with memorable images of a lifetime from Ranthambore National park.

Wild Bengal Tiger



Your photography guide, Mark, has gained interesting knowledge and photographic experience to share with others after spending time among India’s wildlife. From searching and photographing the Bengal Tiger to the wild Jungle Fowl Mark will guarantee a memorable experience. During this safari/Workshop, Mark will share his wildlife photography secrets with you to enhance that once in a lifetime portfolio.


Vedant Dubey hails from Tala Village, of Bandhavgarh India. He was raised among a family full of wildlife enthusiasts around Bandhavgarh National Park and Tiger Reserve. At a very young age, Vedant started following in his father’s and uncle’s footsteps to become a wildlife expert and nature enthusiast and then went on to receive his Master’s degree in Tourism. Leaning form some of the most well-known, renown naturalists of India specializing in tropical birds and mammals, we are honored to have Vedant as our local wildlife expert. With these qualifications, Vedant has over 9 years of experience as a wildlife naturalist/tour leader. Over the years he has specialized in Bengal Tiger safaris, birding tours, photography tours, Himalayan tours and may more.

Mark Fernley


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